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Tandoori Express

Enjoy the flavorful spices and herbs, tangy vegetables, sweet sauces, and savory meats that comprise Indian cuisine — no passport necessary! You don't have to leave the continent; we're conveniently located in North Greenwich.

Question: Is there anything more convenient or more delicious? Answer: No!
Seeking a truly gourmet lunch? Break out of routine and the old ordinary options when you choose Tandoori Express to satisfy your hunger.

Your favorite dishes prepared to perfection:

baked or fried pastry with a delicious filling of onions, spiced potatoes, peas, lentils, chicken or ground lamb
Samsa Chat
Aloo Chana Chat
an oil-free snack made with boiled potatoes and chickpeas
Chicken Tikka Masala
a mouthwatering dish of chicken marinated in spices and yogurt and served in a creamy tomato sauce
Chicken Golden Grayve
Chicken Korma
chicken dish in rich yogurt curry
Chicken Biriyani
a very popular Indian rice dish with Chicken marinated in spices
Lamb Rogan Josh
a lamb dish with plenty of spices
Indian Cheese
oven-baked flatbread
Plain Saag
spinach with spices and herbs
Aloo chana

Our gourmet food truck is located at 1 Arch St. For speedy delivery, call 914-937-2727.

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